Web Designing


Determine the purpose of your website and its intended audience.
Build a design blue print using story-board.
Create some of the options and seek your initial thoughts on it.
Make changes based on your feedback and get it finalized from you.
Check List
Theme based design.
Fast loading 'light' web pages.
Clean easy to update website design/structure.
Good usability in the design - and all that implies.
Ability to convey the meaning of the website quickly if not instantly.
We provide extensive web site designing from simple to professional looking sites. We have many different pre-made templates to suit our clients need. All sites will be developed and maintained (if a webmaster is required) and can be hosted on our servers if it suits your needs. We also provide hosting packages, we only provide separate quotas for each client as every person is unique and we are here to make that uniqueness shine. Do not hesitate to contact our staff through our Contact or Support page.